Saturday, May 19, 2012

Congratulations to Ryan and Asher (Tidewaters Fire Quacker WC JH RN) on their first HRC Started pass at the High Flyers test in Pennsylvania today.  Ryan's mom Danielle had this to say about it: "One of the most precious things about a Tidewater dog is that they are so gentle, smart and biddable that an 8 year old can easily handle and pass them at his first HRC. Thanks for breeding this fantastic boy who we are all in love with!!!! Asher & Ryan say! WooHoo Started Pass #1". While we'd be happy to take the's been Danielle, her husband Doug and Ryan who have done all the hard work training and raising Asher to be such a good boy.  We're very proud of this dog and handler team!


At May 19, 2012 at 7:14 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are very sweet!! We are in love with the wonderful and amazing dogs you breed!!! Thanks for allowing us to own him and train him, the big headed Rowan Jr is such a joy. Your dogs have amazing versitility because Tuesday he is going on his second Therapy Dog visit so proves good training and good breeding make a great partnership!!!


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