Sunday, October 17, 2010

A beautiful fall day

It's oddly quiet here this weekend. Mark left for his annual duck hunt in Saskatchewan on Wednesday and took Drake and Bree with him. Bree was in standing heat, so that should make the drive interesting as Mark was also picking up Chester and Tucker from Steve's. We were up early and had a big walk on the hydro line - it's a gorgeous fall day. No classes with Mark away, so we'll do some obedience training today instead.
Wendy tells me that Leia is in season - of course she started the day Mark left, so we'll have her to keep things interesting next week. She is being bred to Rowan, so that means Christmas puppies for us hopefully.
Mark took my camera out with him, so hope to share some nice pictures when he gets back at the end of the month.


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday Training

Lots of fun training today. We had a visit from Sarah and Jeff and new baby Natalie. She's very cute and I'm sure training to be a bird thrower extraordinaire. The puppies did very well - Easton is our newest recruit and he was very enamored of the bumper with the goose wing. Sage has decided that the bumper isn't too heavy, but she's sure it's more fun to take it away and get Mark and Paul to chase her. Ranger-Roo had fun too. All the older dogs did well and seem to enjoy the cooler weather. Emily did a great job running Drake and Bree.