Sunday, November 25, 2012

We had HUGE adventures today.  We went to training class.  It started off with a 1 hour car ride.  Then we got to run and play in the field.  Then we went in our ex-pen and listened to the big dogs run their marks, so there were whistle noises and gun shot noises and big dogs everywhere.  Then we ran around some more and ate our lunch.  Lots of people played with us and they smelled like ducks!  Then it was back in the truck for the ride home.  It was fun and now we're EXHAUSTED!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Outdoor Adventures

This weekend we started to go OUTSIDE.  It was very exciting with all the new smells and fun things to do. It wasn't very cold, but we ran around to keep warm.  After a little while, we were tired, so we had to go inside and sleep.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

We learned about birds this week too.  Mark brought some wings home from his hunting trip to Saskatchewan and the puppies got to play with them a little bit on Friday night.  No hesitation from anyone - although we did have to eventually take them away because a few puppies thought it would be fun to bury them in the kennel.

The "last supper"

We're very cute when we're sleeping

Crate training ourselves

Let me OUT!

Come in here with me

Learning to play with toys

Moving FAST!

My best side

How cute am I?

Lots of play makes me sleepy


We had a big week this week at the Tidewater home.  Puppies are fully weaned, so Leia left her babies and went home to Burlington. The first photo shows the last "dairy bar" meal.  Puppies started to come out of the whelping box a whole lot more and therefore were a whole bunch more active.  Although active is relative...they go, go, go for about 30 minutes and then crash.  Hence all the sleeping puppies pictures.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Some more photos from today - one of the puppies having their first "solid" meal.  We call it pablum, but it's really puppy food, ground to dust in the food processor with water added.  These puppies didn't need to be taught what to do - they dove right in.

Puppies had great, big adventures today.  First day out of the whelping box and into the kitchen.  They ran around a whole bunch, got introduced to squeaky toys, and had their first "solid" food.  Now that we've started the weaning process, they'll start to have visitors this week too.  It's very fun watching these little guys grow up.