Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Shannon and Galen Puppies Week 5

This has been a very, very busy week for the puppies.  They're getting very big, very cute and very, very active.  They have spent a bunch of time out on the deck and today learned about climbing down the steps to the bigger part of the yard.  Personalities are starting to emerge and it's very fun watching who's who.

How many puppies fit in the hot tub stairs?  All of them!

Stuck my WHOLE HEAD in the water bowl

Learning to come UP the stairs from the yard

I can even sleep on the step (even though my bum isn't on the step)...that can't be comfy!
Hey!  Where did you come from?

Monday, August 21, 2017

Shannon and Galen Puppies, Week 4

This week, puppies have really began to be very fun.  They're running around, playing with each other, playing with toys and generally having a great time.  This week, they have spent most of their time in the kitchen, have explored the deck and have had their first solid meal.Wrestling!

Got an itch...



Making sure we got it all...

Playing with toys

Playing in our outdoor tent

This is the most fun toy because it makes noises

This one squeaks!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Galen & Shannon puppies - Week 3

This week, puppies are up on their feet and starting to be on the move!  The good news for us is that they're only really active for a very short period and then they go back to sleep.  As you can see, they're getting around pretty well and they're starting to play - both with each other and with toys.

Galen & Shannon Puppies - Week 3 video

Puppies are on the move this week.  They've started to come hang out in the kitchen for a few hours and they've started to play.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Shannon and Galen Puppies - Week 2

A few more photos...just because they're oh-so-cute!

Shannon and Galen Puppies - Week 2

These were my first 2 "volunteers" to get their photos taken.  I have a little boy and a little girl here. They got selected because they were the only 2 awake!  We keep the whelping box fairly quiet and we also have a heat lamp on the box, so taking pictures there gives everything a bit of a distorted look, so these two came outside for the few minutes it took me to take these pictures.

This week's excitement is that everybody's eyes are starting to open.  There's also started to be some barking (well, it's more like "cheeping"), so we know they're starting to hear as well.  A couple have started to take their first little wobbly steps.  Fun times ahead!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Shannon and Galen Puppies - week 1

A few photos of the wee guys from this morning's cleaning of the whelping box.  Images aren't the best because they were most reluctant to sit still!  However, as you can see, eyes aren't quite open, and they don't hear yet, but boy, can they smell when Shannon enters the box to feed them.