Thursday, April 19, 2012

Congratulations to Rowan for his second Finished pass at the Tennessee River HRC.  Mark said he performed extremely well - stepped on his marks and two-whistled both blinds.  Not bad for the only fluffy in the whole test!

We're visiting our friends Helen and Cliff in Kentucky and doing a bit of training.  Mark's been here for a couple of weeks and I came down to join him on the weekend.  We were also joined this week by our friends Wendy, Marian, Nick and Trudy.  In the top photo, Crispin is getting some advice on how to run her marks.  In the second photo, Leia (Drake X Destiny) and Reba (Rowan X Leia) relax after a long day.  In the bottom photo, Bree waits for her turn.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Congratulations Asher RN

Congratulations to Asher (Tidewaters Fire Quacker JH WC RN CGN) on achieving his Rally Novice title.  Danielle was very proud of the way he worked (and even if she won't admit it, I think she really, secretly likes obedience...).  Asher is a puppy from our December 2011 litter (Rowan x Leia) and is owned and loved by Danielle and Doug Wilson.