Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Little Man goes home

Our Bella and Fisher singleton baby went home this week. He's gone to live with his mommy Bella and Bill, Jackie and Alora.  I think I cried more with him going home than all the other babies put together. Both Mark and I got very, very attached to this sweet little man, but we know he has the best forever home.  He still doesn't have a name, but they're trying a few on to see what sticks.

Ranger - Hunting Retriever

Ranger Roo earned his HR title at Luther Marsh's one day hunt earlier this month.  This is Ranger being serious.  Ranger says "Stop calling me Ranger-Roo mommy - I'm a big tough huntin' dog now".

Mason - puppy stakes

Mason and Todd Herderhurst are new to the hunt test game.  Todd sent us an update on how Mason was doing with his training last week.  Mason is one of our Rowan/Leia puppies from the October 2012 litter.  Mr. Mason, you look good in pink!  

"Just a quick update. Today Mason and I got out feet wet in the retriever test world. My golden retriever club was having wc/wcx and was also offering a puppy stakes. 
We ran the puppy stakes and Mason did fantastic. Everyone was very impressed with him, including me. People seem to think he is capable of big things. 

The test consisted of two land marks and two water. The land marks were 50 and 75 yards in knee high cover. He nailed them both. The water was much easier than what we normally do in training, about 30 yards in light to no cover. Although one of the water marks was really inviting the dog to cheat Mason did great and avoided that trap. 

We ended up winning the upper division (7-12 months). I am so proud of him. Thanks for breeding such wonderful dogs."  

Rob and Willow SHR leg

Congratulations to Rob and Willow for earning the first leg of their SHR (Started Hunting Retriever) title at Luther Marsh's one day hunt earlier this month.  Willow is officially Tidewaters Celtic Spirit WC from our October Rowan/Leia litter.  Great job guys!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Danno - new JH

Congratulations to Jill and Danno (Tidewaters Five-O Book'Em Danno WC RN and now JH!) for earning their new Junior Hunter title at the Saskatoon test this month.  Danno was the youngest dog of 27 and did a great job returning with all his marks.  Danno is a Rowan/Leia puppy from our October litter, which makes him 8 months old.  We're very proud of you both!

Bella x Fisher little man

Well, our Bella x Fisher little man is 7 weeks old today.  Can't believe how the time has flown!  He's still a bit small (especially for one of our puppies!), but he's certainly growing up to be a very fun, happy guy.  He's extremely affectionate and loves birds and running through the grass.  We're working on fattening him up so he can go to his new home.