Sunday, March 26, 2017

Fetching our toys

All toys must be picked up from the kitchen and brought in the kennel.  That is all...

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Four generations

One of the best things about dog breeding is watching our babies grow into being members of their families.  We're very lucky to get to see many of our dogs' offspring regularly.  In this photo, there are multiple generations of our dogs and some of the people who love them.

From left to right, Shannon (mom of puppies), Reba (Shannon's mom), Leia (Reba's mom), Jill and Toule (puppy), Rob and Piper (puppy).  Piper will be heading off to live with Willow (far right), who is a Leia and Rowan daughter.  Toule will head to Regina to live with Danno, a Leia and Rowan son.

Fun in the snow

Today we went for a big walk in the fresh snow.  Puppies found a million things to play with and ran and played.  

Puppies go swimming!

We are very lucky to have a fantastic rehab facility nearby.  With winter puppies, it's always so hard to get them in the water and we like to do that, if we can, while they're at the stage where they're learning and exploring the world.  This week, Toule and Piper learned to swim in the pool and played on the rehab equipment and played with the staff and volunteers at Gilmour Road Veterinary Services.  Special thanks to Dr. Liz for inviting us and to Julie and Paige who made the day so much fun.


Toys make great pillows
Hi, it's me...Toule...
How do you like my belly?

Running amok!

First, we beat up the carpet...
Then we swing from the baby gate...
Then we rip at the toilet paper.  Fun times!

Escape from the whelping box!

When I escape the whelping box in the middle of the night, I find the cushiest dog bed in the house...
I love my sister...

Ruling the roost

We've graduated to the kitchen.  Piper loves the crate at the window.
Just a little relaxed!
Playing with the soft balls
All toys belong in the kennel.  And we don't sleep on the soft, cushy bed.  Hard metal for us big, tough hunting dogs!

Today we have visitors!

Big adventures in the living room.  We've graduated from the whelping box and we've started to explore the rest of the house.
Playing with toys...
Wagging my tail so hard, it's blurry!

Cleaning our bed

And this week, as our bed gets cleaned, we escape!

Merry Christmas - Love, the puppies!