Friday, July 29, 2011

Getting Fatter

Little Ms Bree is starting to get significantly fatter these days. Her puppies are due somewhere around August 18th.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Congratulations Teya

Congratulations to Teya and Barbara on obtaining their WCI (Working Certificate Intermediate) title at Mountain Valley's test on July 7. Teya is a Drake daughter, owned and loved by Barbara Drewry and her daughter Katherine.


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Congratulations Asher

Congratulations to Asher (Tidewaters Fire Quacker WC) for obtaining his Working Certificate (WC) title today at the Pittsburg Lab Club's test. Asher is a Rowan/Leia puppy born in December - he'll be 7 months old next week.

Asher is owned and loved by Danielle, Doug and Ryan Wilson and trained by Danielle.


Congratulations Mark and Ranger

Congratulations to our own Ranger-Roo (Tidewaters Raising the Bar aka Ranger) for obtaining his Started Hunting Retriever title back in June. In HRC, when you get a title, you get a ritual soaking. This is Mark suffering through his dunking at the Keystone Waterfowlers test in Pennsylvania. Mark's away this weekend with Rowan and Decoy at an HRC test in Indiana. They're predicting a scorching hot weekend, so if Decoy gets his title, Mark will probably welcome the soaking.


Bree is pregnant

Bree went to the vet on Thursday and look what we saw. Yes, indeed, those black blobs in the ultrasound are puppies. We use ultrasound to determine if a dog is pregnant and sure enough she is. While this test can't really predict how many puppies are in there (nor can it predict the gender of the puppies), we did see more than five little black blobs bouncing around. At this point, we're guessing there are around seven puppies, but we won't really know until they show up, somewhere around the 3rd week in August.