Saturday, March 17, 2012

Leia and Reba At the Sportsmen Show

photo by Carl Lawrence
Reba and Leia have been at the Toronto Sportsmen's Show all week with their owner Wendy.  They've been demonstrating some agility and other fun dog sport moves with the McCann's team.  Reba is the lighter coloured girl - she's one of our Rowan and Leia puppies from December 2011 and Leia (her mommy) is one of our Drake and Destiny puppies from October 2008.  We're very proud of all the hard work Wendy has done with both these girls.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Thanks to Katharine

We often get compliments on our website and I always feel like a bit of a fraud saying thank you...because although I am responsible for the content, the credit for what you see and how you see it goes to Katharine Webb.  Katharine designed the site, our logo and does such an amazing job at suffering through my updates and my changing my mind.  She takes ideas and forms them into visuals that not only look great, but really enhance what we're trying to say about our dogs.  So, this is a BIG thank you to Katharine for all that you do for us!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bree and Aggie

It's been "stupid boy" week at our house this week.  Well, actually it's been more like "stupid boy" month.  We've had a couple of girls in for breeding and now Bree's in season as well.  Seems all we've been  doing is spending all kinds of time and effort making sure that boys don't come in contact with girls.  For us, that means multiple gates and multiple crates and boys getting exercised separate from girls.  Here's Bree with her new best friend, Aggie the cat.