Sunday, January 13, 2013

Reba ADC

Congratulations to Wendy Hunter and Reba (Tidewaters Red Neck Woman) for earning their ADC title today!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

One of the first things on the agenda for 2013 is to update the website.  No dramatic changes, but we'll be adding any titles that we earned this year and updating some of the photos of the younger dogs.  Here are some shots we took of Sage this week. She visited with us on Thursday so I could run her up to the vet and get her hip and elbow clearances done.  So far, she's passed all her clearances with flying colours, so that's good news.

Growing up




Man, time sure flies!  Puppies went to their new homes a few weeks ago and by all accounts everyone is doing well.  Thanks to all who send us photos as their babies are growing up.  We LOVE to see them. 

We had a very, very, busy Christmas season.  Puppies went home, then we had some outside girls in for breeding to our stud dogs, then we went to Ottawa for Christmas to visit my family.  Had a miserable drive home in a storm and then back to work for both Mark and me.  I never did get a Christmas tree up this year.  First time in my whole life.  We did do a bit of decorating, but not a whole bunch.  

Having girls in season in the house brought Crispin in to season a bit earlier than we expected, but still nothing from Ms. Bree.  Brat.  Oh well, we'll just wait on Mother Nature to decide what the heck she's got planned for us for 2013.