Monday, August 11, 2014

Daisy - Junior Hunter

Congratulations to Kurtis Saker and Daisy for obtaining their Junior Hunter title earlier this year.  Daisy and Kurtis live in Alberta and we're very excited to see how well they're doing.

Willow - Junior Hunter

Congratulations to Rob McSpadden and Willow on achieving their Junior Hunter earlier this year.  We're very lucky to be able to train with Rob and Willow every week and we've seen such great progress from this dog and handler team!

Danno - WCI

Congratulations to Jill and Danno for obtaining their WCI this past weekend in Regina.  Danno's "housemate" Sonny also passed his WC, so Jill had double the fun at the test.

Mason - Junior Hunter

Congratulations to Mason and Todd Henderhurst for achieving their Junior Hunter earlier this year.  Todd and Mason have been working very hard this year.

Summer Visitors

Well, from quiet, to not-so-quiet...this week we have visitors!  Reba and Leia have come to visit while Wendy and Ron take a bit of a vacation.  And Sage is visiting too.  Once she got here, she decided to be in season.  Which is fantastic, because we've been waiting for her to do that since the spring (slowpoke!).  But it does make having 8 dogs in the house a bit more of an adventure.  However, we're very happy that she's getting ready to be bred.