Saturday, July 13, 2013

Michigan Tests

Mark & Ranger



Mark & Timber

Mark & Crispin

Mark and Ranger

Our friend Marian took these lovely pictures at the HRC trials they went to in Michigan in May.  There are many more that I'll share over the next few weeks.

A bit behind

Well, I'm a bit behind on my blog posting, so apologies for those of you who have sent us news and pictures.  I haven't forgotten about you, we've just been a bit overwhelmed.  Our Rowan and Sage babies have headed to their new homes.  We lost our very favorite old guy, Drake, which was a huge blow.  Our Bella and Fisher puppy (who we're currently calling "Visa", which should tell you about the veterinary intervention that has been involved there), is residing with Rowan's sister Severen's litter in Stratford.  We are so, so, so grateful to Sheila Phillips of Windrow's Golden Retrievers, who took our Bella puppy in to live with her so that he gets all the upbringing within a litter that will allow him to grow up to be a happy, well adjusted baby. We have had some vet visits caused by some weirdness at home - which have been stressful, however the good news is that all is well and everyone is doing okay.  I lost my wallet and on top of all that, my truck is on its last legs, so we've been shopping for a new truck.  I'm beginning to feel like a bad country music song. I promise that I haven't lost any pictures or updates.  I'll get them up as soon as I can.

Congratulations to Danno (Tidewaters Five-O Book Em Danno WC RN) and Jill on their first JH pass.  Danno is one of our Leia and Rowan puppies from the October litter and he's burning up the fields of Saskatchewan!


I'm deeply sad to say we lost our Drake this weekend at age 13.  Officially, he was GMH HRCH UH Tidewater's Weekend Gladiator CD WCX MH OS CCA.  He was more accomplished than most dogs, but most important, he was Mark's best friend and hunting buddy.  He had a sly sense of humour and would frequently pick some unsuspecting person out of a crowd to shake stinky pond water on or to push over into the snow.  He was the ultimate counter surfer, in that he never got caught...except for the occasional egg on his face.  He was a fantastic training and working partner and loved to hunt more than anything in the world.  He leaves an amazing legacy in his many fabulous working dog (and best friend) offspring.  He was sweet and he was funny and we miss him dreadfully.